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List of clients and Projects
UGT-País Valenciano
Web designed for this institute to enhance its services and make all the information provided by the community more accessible and easier to handle
Region of Valencia association of modern art galleries. Electronic edition to broadcast the activities and services provided by the association and its members. /
CEEI, European Centre of Innovative Companies. SpiA Project
Information and methodology core about spin-off actions. Encounter forum for the bodies taking part in the project.
UPV. Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
New design of the university web site at both Extranet and Intranet levels in order to promote their services and make information more accessible.
AITEX. Textile technology institute Internet implantation strategy.
Strength and weakness analysis. Creation of communication plan, strategic plan and marketing plan.
ALDEE. Basque country association of archivists, librarians and documentary makers
Tool to inform members about the events, services, activities, publications etc which the association provides.
Agencia Valenciana de Turismo,Valencia Tourist Authorities. project.
Portal specialised in tourism for the promotion of services, activities, special offers, calendars of events etc in the Region of Valencia.
Agencia Valenciana del Turismo. Valencia Tourist Authorities. "Qualitur" Project
Web site devoted to quality tourism designed to increase the competitive edge of the tourist industry in the Region of Valencia.
FESABID. Spanish Federation of Archive, Library, Documentation and Museum Associations
Reference centre for professionals in this sector with information tool inside and outside the Federation.
FESABID 2000. 7th Spanish Documentation Symposium
Site providing full information about the 7th Spanish Documentation Symposium including the events, delegates, programme etc, together with the possibility of registration.
Agencia Valenciana del Turismo. Valencian Tourist Authorities. "Travelturisme" Project
Specialised site dedicated to tourist trade professionals. Contents updated every week.
The Xátiva Business Association. On-line tool dealing with the management, finance, production and training aspects needed for every-day business activities.
New design for the web site of this footwear company from Elda. e-marketing project designed to promote the corporate image within an electronic setting.
Internet Invisible
The straight-forward, user-friendly, new design makes this a quality tool which describes and provides links enabling 1620 free databases to be consulted on the internet.
Computerised system for the stock management and distribution management of company products by means of a "B2B" computer system.
Project to update the company's distribution and marketing in order to enhance customer relations and the retail and distribution channel.
LIDA Química
The company's first module included on the internet for use later as a business tool.
Vertical portal which brings together the Spanish decoration industry. System to facilitate the dissemination of brand names, and contact at industrial and corporate levels.
Project to disseminate the activities and services provided by the company. Clear image of innovation, development and quality.
Consultancy and advisory services on this promotional web together with restructured contents. Designed to suit interactive environments.

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