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Who we are

  • MASmedios was founded in 1997 as a company dedicated to the management of information. Its main clients are SMEs, associations and technological institutes. MASmedios is an association of professionals that have pooled their efforts in order to achieve a common goal; our aim is to: “...contribute to the future definition of communication; we have had the opportunity to start from the bottom and we are going to experience at first hand how the information society is shaped...” This is the reason why we are determined to create a place where ideas of quality come together, where there is a laboratory of concepts and where decisions are taken about the course the company must follow.

    MASmedios headquarters are located in Valencia, where the company was born. The team is made up around 75 people from different parts of the word.

What we are

Internet: Products and Services

    1. · e-business
    2. · Solutions for business-to-business management (B2B) . Solutions for e-commerce (B2C)
    3. · Solutions for storage and logistics management (eprocurement)
    4. · Solutions for in-house personnel management (B2E)
    5. · Systems for communication between businesses
    6. · Analysis and design of customised Web systems
    7. · Intranet design and development
    8. · Mobile technology applications

  • Multimedia and Digital contents developers and providers

    1. Contents
    2. · Information sourcing.
    3. · Documentation and reference sources for projects.
    4. · Information classification.
    5. · Customised content writing: general, local and by sector;
    6. · multimedia, multiformat, multilingual.... always attractive and reliable.
    7. · Content maintenance: Editing, updating and broadcasting… to maintain their validity.
    8. · Information digitization: presented on any media
    9. · Translation into several languages: Valencian, English, French, German...

    10. E-learning platforms and products
    11. Digitalization and Information management systems
    12. European Projects management
      1. Projects Multilingual
      2. · W3C, Multichanel and platforms
      3. · (web, pda, mobil tactil screens, CD, DVD, papers…)

E-Marketing & SEO

  • Global and sector Marketing on line strategies.

  • SEO (Search engine optimization)

  • BRANDING, and SMO (Social Media Optimization)

  • Interactive products for maketing

  • GOOGLE services integration
    1. · Online Advertaising campaings. Banners campaing
    2. · Adwords GOOGLE
    4. · YOUTUBE Campaings

  • Benchmarking and planning: Development of the marketing plan for a website.

  • Loyalty programmes: Platforms for people who share the same interests or passion for something.

  • Viral marketing: Positioning in search engines, advertising messages in forums, and broadcasting in the media.

  • Advertising on the Internet: Banner campaigns, creation of the Media plan.


  • Oficinas Centrales:
    C/Garcilaso 15-B
    46003 Valencia
    Tel.: 96 369 41 23
    Fax: 96 369 34 39
  • Delegación Alicante:
    Pda. Colari 5-E
    03710 Calpe-Alicante
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