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05 de febrero del 2011

ICO Foundation

ICO FoundationICO FoundationICO Foundation

The ICO Foundation was created by the Spanish Instituto de Crédito Oficial (Credit Official Institute) as a private foundation to contribute and support the development of culture. New areas have been incorporated such as Art, Formation and Research, International cooperation, Economy, Environment and Social integration.

We faced the challenge to turn this portal into a cornerstone to achieve the Foundation´s objectives. For this we developed a website in Typo3 including a well-balanced relation between the brand´s textual and visual information. The portal stands out for its pyramid structure, providing space for a large variety of audiovisual and multimedia contents and also allowing a diversity of its development areas.

The Foundation´s portal houses images and basic information of the museum´s permanent collection and temporary exhibitions, a catalogue of its own publications, blogs and digital bulletins among other multimedia contents.


- Typo3 CMS Open Source

- Accessible AA

- Rich and variable content types

- Easy to update (news, events, agenda, exhibitions...)



  • Main offices:
    C/Garcilaso 15-B
    46003 Valencia
    Tel.: 96 369 41 23
    Fax: 96 369 34 39
  • Madrid office:
    Jesús del Valle, 28 bajo
    28004, Madrid
    Tel.: 636 26 71 78
  • New York City Office:
    675 3rd Avenue, Suite 400, New York,
    N.Y. 10017 U.S.A.
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