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19 de enero del 2009

Portal of Tourism of the Valencia Community

The Portal of Tourism of the Comunitat Valenciana (Valencian Community) is an unavoidable visit for every national or international tourist (the web offers information in languages like Chinese or Japanese). It stands out because of the wide information regarding all the matters one must know about tourism in the Community: News, events, towns, beaches, webcams, accommodation... If it does not appear in the web, it has no tourist interest.

With a clear design and a structure giving priority to the usability before any other consideration, this website is a referent in the tourist sector. Awarded in 2004 with the “WebAward” Prize for the best regional web in the world, it was also the first tourist web obtaining the accessibility certification of AENOR.


- Own CMS
- Accessible AA web
- Logbook: Travel planner for the user
- RSS and syndication of contents
- Daily updating of contents



  • Main offices:
    C/Garcilaso 15-B
    46003 Valencia
    Tel.: 96 369 41 23
    Fax: 96 369 34 39
  • Madrid office:
    Jesús del Valle, 28 bajo
    28004, Madrid
    Tel.: 636 26 71 78
  • New York City Office:
    675 3rd Avenue, Suite 400, New York,
    N.Y. 10017 U.S.A.
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