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Our team

We are a multidisciplinary team consisting of over 60 people, including designers, programmers, engineers, analysts, project managers, physicists, documentary makers, reporters, marketing experts, economists, and translators.

Our service is backed by over fifteen years of experience with a team that in large part has been dedicated to working together all this time. In upholding this practice, which we have undertaken since the company’s foundation, we adhere to the advantages derived from a totally involved multidisciplinary team.

We are organized in Departments, based on various subjects and business areas:

  • Computer programming
  • Content Management
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Archive management and Digitalization
  • Administration


  • Main offices:
    C/Garcilaso 15-B
    46003 Valencia
    Tel.: 96 369 41 23
    Fax: 96 369 34 39
  • Alicante office:
    Pda. Colari 5-E
    03710 Calpe-Alicante
  • New York City Office:
    675 3rd Avenue, Suite 400, New York,
    N.Y. 10017 U.S.A.
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